Hey Everyone, What's Crankin!!!



Glad that I found this website... I have been riding off and on for the last few years but have not seriously considered doing more riding but after viewing this website, I AM PUMPED!!
I purchased a pretty decent bike some years ago (Gary Fisher, Sugar 3+) and she has been good to me... I would like to do more riding if possible so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate...
I residence in Middlesex, NJ and when I started riding I would frequent Washington Valley Park, in Bridgewater but soon got tried of riding by myself.... I would love to join a club and get some riding in....
I can be reached here (I will be checking my in box everyday) or at blacsicop@hotmail.com....
Enough for now...
Later All


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Welcome aboard...middlesex = 6 mile = great place to ride..:)
just watch the board there are always rides out there.


whaddup YO

Welcome to the board. Keep yer eye on the rides section n you'll find more than enuff to do on that bike o' yurs. Beware of the testosterone induced hammerfests, haha.
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