Help !!!!!


I was riding yesterday in the "harriman" area and I speed jumped a lil root section and went around a turn and started to hear a rubbing sound. I looked down and the tire was canted to the left rubbing on the chainstay.
I have a QR XT rear hub, so I flipped the bike over released the hub straightened the wheel and locked it up again and went on my way. I went over a small bump and then looked down and noticed the wheel was canted to the left again. I stopped and redid the previous procedure and gave the wheel a good shake and nothing happened it stayed in place. Riding along again went off a 4" curb to the street and guess what the same shit happened.........:mad:

Anybody have any idea what might be wrong ? Can the QR bolt be stripped some how ? This bike is now 5 weeks old and has been ridden 10 times. Any help is appreciated :cool:


entirely thrilled
that used to happen on my chameleon as well. i ended up going to chain tensioners for the solution.


Well it was my QR and for some reason it was coming loose over & over. Until now,I think I've got it fixed for good. I backed the nut off and took the spring out checked for stripping of the nut and bolt and they were good so I straightened the wheel and tightened the nut and clamped the QR at the same time and the sucker hasn't budged yet after a nice 45min ride of abuse so hopefully it's fixed for good !!!

Thanks for the help ytc;)
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