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I recently bought a Garmin Edge 305 and I am using motion based. I have searched the garmin website, training center and motion based and I can find a couple answers I need.

1)If I download a course from motion based, (one I have never been on before) will the 305 navigate it for me and if so, could someone tell me how to do that. Does it talk to you like the ones in the car? I have no clue.

2)The next thing I would like to know how to do is to make my own course on either Garmin Training center or motion based. My question on this is how do I do this? Which tool do I use to draw the course going from street to street?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


The 305 has no mapping ability so it can't navigate with street directions. But if you download a gpx file which is a track someone else has ridden before it will act like a breadcrumb trail, telling you roughly how far until you need to turn.

Mapsource is the Garmin software which allows you to build tracks/routes etc. But as you have no maps I don't know if this will work. A website like might be able to do this for you then export to a gpx.

edit: There are many free maps available here if you can get hold of of Mapsource:
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I use You can create a ride here and save it as a .mbcrs file. Upload to your garmin via MB. Turn your device on. Training/courses/select your course/do course. On your screen you will get an arrow of where your next turn is and the distance to that point. Its about as good as it gets without talking to you. It will also let you know if your off course.

If you are going to follow someone elses route which you upload to your device, hit enter a couple of times till the map pops up. You will see a line which is your route. Just trace the line!

Its a great tool for learning new roads. Enjoy!
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