Help Revitalize Park Funding and Trail Opportunities


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Help Revitalize Park Funding and Trail Opportunities

Mountain bikers have an opportunity to voice their support for a dramatic increase in National Park Service (NPS) funding. A proposed bill would appropriate the largest ever funding increase for the NPS--at least $100 million annually--and dramatically improve visitor experiences, including those on singletrack.

This bill, H.R. 3094, will provide funding for a series of signature projects around the country, including those for new trails. A plan for new singletrack in Big Bend National Park is one of 200 proposed projects selected from more than 6,000 applications. Supporting H.R. 3094 will improve chances for similar projects.

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Additional Information

H.R. 3094 is a crucial component of the Centennial Initiative, a 10-year plan to enhance the NPS for its 100th birthday in 2016. IMBA and the Outdoor Alliance strongly support this bill and associated programs that will restore the luster of our National Parks System and set the direction for the next century of park management.

Mountain bicycling is an ideal tool for reacquainting a new generation of Americans to their national parks. This human-powered, quiet, low-impact activity helps get more people out of their cars and exploring parks on narrow dirt trails. By expanding this use in appropriate areas, the NPS will help visitors form lasting bonds with our most valuable natural landscapes. As a family-friendly activity, mountain bicycling also provides a fun, exciting, appropriate way for visitors to engage in healthy exercise in National Parks.

IMBA and the NPS signed a formal partnership agreement in 2005. IMBA will continue to provide information on the Centennial Initiative and our partnership with the NPS on
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