Help build a new trail at the Sourlands


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Good news! Somerset County Parks Dept has given the go-ahead for a new trail on the quarry property that they lease. This new singletrack will start at Post #6 and connect up at Roaring Rocks where the current trail dead-ends. This is big rock territory, and looks like it will be a blast to ride. The trail will cut near some prime rock climbing areas, so there will be some volunteers from the Bouldering community to help build the trail as well.

Saturday 11/1 @ 10am is the day for trail construction. Come and help out if you can.

There are a few other potential projects in the works here at the Sourlands and a good showing from the MTB community will definitely help move those forward as well.


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Great news Jeff! So I guess that meeting went well? :)

How long is the new trail expected to be?

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Sweet! Don't think I will be able to make it to the trail day but I am excited for more trails here. In the future, if you have a trail day on a Sunday morning, I can make most of those...


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Great news Jeff! So I guess that meeting went well? :)

How long is the new trail expected to be?

Well this is only phase 1 so its about 1/2 mile. But its super techy terrain so plenty of opportunity for bike play.

I'm working on phase 2 which will be more ambitious. Baby steps...


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YES! so awesome!
i was gonna go to the boulder clean up/maintenance thing they had posted up anyway, and now it's even better!


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Wow this is great news. What's the trail going to be like?

I think this is going to be a super fun trail to ride. Also going to be a great hiking trail. Lots of huge rocks, caves etc to check out.

Jeff or Norm,

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good job Jeff!



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Not going to be here that weekend but I do plan to check these trails out. I like shorter trails that ya need skillz for, Insted of long boring trails.
Sourland Trails

Great job, Jeff and Kirt... I walked the route late today with Jeff, and although it's not a particularly long trail, it follows some nice terrain, it opens up access to an awesome bouldering area that previously was reserved for bushwacking, AND it will have some nice riding features for sure....

I'll be at the grand building day on the 1st...




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i'm gonna try to make this - i gotta see what's going down on my calender - hopefully i can find a window. new bouldering and new riding is just plain awesome.


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Post Ride?

Really looking to ride this weekend on saturday...

Will there for a be post ride?

Or any interest in one?

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