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Just a reminder ....Wear them

Went for my almost daily ride through hartshorne today, going down the first fast technical section on laurel ridge, a spot I love, someone decided to place a boulder the size of a small tv right on the landing section of a large root I love jumping off. Front tire got stuck, I went flying, grinded upsides down on my head for about 10' and finally came to a stop. Luckily I didn't hit any trees but hit the ground HARD and got a bit dizzy for while.

All scratched up but my pride is more hurt than anything..(well the shower hurt like a mother too )

Long story short, I tended to not wear my helmet growing up and riding, and really just recently started wearing it religiously. I still never felt I would have a bad spill but sometimes there are things out of your control, and I'm pretty sure if I didn't have one on today I'd be in the hospital or worse.
Glad to hear you're reasonably OK.
If you had your bell rung and got dizzy it would be prudent to get checked out or at the very least tell someone you live with what happened. It's best if they know he signs of concussion and what to look for.

Get yourself a new helmet and go have more fun when you're all better.
I'll second Cyclopaths well wishes, and the "get a new helmet" advice. One good crash and they are toast. Treat yourself to a new lid!!
With everything we did as kids, I'm not sure how I made it out of my teens alive. Unfortunately, I had 3 friends get major head injuries when we were kids, all from bike crashes.

I need a bunch of stuff for the bike, but I used the cash to treat myself to a new helmet. REI 20% sale and the member dividend helped.
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Yea - i never hit my head on anything before. Motorcycle crash (albeit very low speed), years of Hockey and soccer, car racing... and biking through the woods is what i get my first concussion on!

anyways... glade i had it one. this helmet was a freebie so no big deal there, I will be picking up a new one next week.
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