Helmet cam ?


My buddies and I were thinking about getting this .


has anyone used this one or do ya have a suggestion for another one in the same price range.

It says you get about 52min of video on a 2gig card. If I put in a larger card I could just let it run without worry for the entire ride.

Hows the sound and playback quality ?

We're just looking to have some fun and not drop a serious amount of coin.


Very good camera. Cheap too! A friend of mine recently picked one up, and has primarily used it for FR/DH at Diablo. His helmet has a "hump" in it, so he had to find an alternative strapping meathod after the first test. Now the video quality is awesome. I belive he uses NiMh batteries for it, which also work very well. MUCH better than an alkaline.

As far as the sound. This is the camera's week point, I guess because the camera is encased in plastic, it really does not pick up any noise unless you are yelling. But hey, that's what music is for. I don't even have a mic on my helmet cam.

Also the camera is very easy to use. (on / off / start / stop)

Im sure you have searched gopro hero 3 on youtube.

also this is one of my friend's videos: (the youtube quality sucks, trust me the raw footage is 1000X better)

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