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Nice site. Found it via the JORBA site. I ride when I can Sunday mornings mainly. Black River, Deer Park, etc. In the summer I ride daily as a bike cop. The weather and family stuff has been keeping me off the bike.:(
Welcome to the site. Are you with the Park Police or a local PD? Bike cop seems like a badass job!

I work for a local PD. Right next to your town njrider. I ride an older Cannondale "Police Model" with a Head Shock. We do not have much street crime so Bike Patrol has been mainly Community Relations, but after 20 years as a cop that's just fine with me.

Welcome, hope we can show you some new trails. All the legal ones, anyhow,....just kiddin. Smiles, NJ Jess

New Trails would be great. The Trails I rode when I started riding are close IE South Mountain and Watchung;) I'm always looking for a new place to ride.

So, you into TM also? Deer Park, Allamuchy, and Kittitany can always use more volunteers. Hope to see you on the trails.
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