Hello from new crash king!



HI All,

just want to introduce myself...

I am 31, father of 2 boys and brand new to mtb scene and I am already on my second bike...

I survived trip to Diablo park... and managed to get lost in the Ramapo woods.

I am riding by myself now, trying to build up some strenth and figure out how to ride the bike...without crashing.

I live in Fair lawn so I ride mostly in Saddle River park, there are few flat trails there.

if there is anyone around that area who gives free riding lessons, please let me know!!!


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Just stick around and don't be afraid to jump in on a "no drop" ride. What's the worst that happens? You're slow, people complain, you get in a fist fight and someone cries. No big deal, you shake it off and get back in the saddle.

Right, and welcome.


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You tell him norm.

I dont know about being the crash king, we already have quite a few.

Oh, welcome aboard.

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Lots of great rides.

With autumn, there are lots of great rides. Good time for some short afterward stuff and longer epics on weekends. Come join the fun.


Thanks All!

I am very willing to give up the crash king title!! I have to admit, with the new bike I am falling a lot less... (putting foot down does not count, right??)

I am looking forward to meeting you guys once i get a bit up to speed so I dont slow the group down.

Coming from year racing motorcycles, i never imagined that riding bikes could be so difficult!!


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welcome to the nuthouse :D

you only have to crash about 4,000 more times to catch Army of Fred.


welcome to the nuthouse :D

you only have to crash about 4,000 more times to catch Army of Fred.

Does one huge getoff count??? tripple front flip over the handlebars with carwheeling on landing???

Diablo bites back... to bad my buddies did not film this.


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O you have soo much more to learn. When crashing becomes your specialty, come see me.

Until then come in take off your coat and stay a while.



If you survived Diablo you can't be a real crash king....talk about trial by fire...good job and welcome to silly central.


what happened to yer first bike? what was it and what did you buy this time around?

I bought Mangoose otero elite first...thinking I will have nice, cheap dual suspention ride. I was never planning to go offroad...

but I did...pavement just does not attract me, so cheap mangoose just could not handle even simple trail (lack of my skills contributed of course)

so, I traded it in for Giant Trance 3 for my wife and bought myself

07 Specialized Enduro SL comp FSR.

Now I am happy, I really love my Enduro, it's taking me places where I was not able to get to before.

Trip to Diablo was on my friends all mountain bike.


That's one heck of a trade! Where do you shop?

I was not that lucky!! I had to pay extra grand for Trance. Original Bike Shop @ Saddle River is pretty nice, good people, reasonable prices.

I bought my Enduro SL from SIDs in NYC. There was not much choice... they were the only bike shop in the tri state area that had the bike I was looking for. 08 Enduro SL cost much more.


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Welcome, and dont worry about getting "up to speed" or whatever, just show to some group rides that are "no drop" and have fun. You are probably a lot faster than you think anyway. Riding with others almost always gets you a better ride.


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Welcome to the sport. I too have ridden both street and off road motorcycles for years. Those skills do transfer, and help you to crash better :D . I grew up racing BMX bikes in the 70's and thought I could get back at this and show everybody a thing or two. Has been about 7-8 months of riding a few times a week now. Still think I am slow, but notice now that hills that were long climbs are now nearly non-events because I am carrying more speed in general. Point being ride your pace, and your pace will improve.
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