hello from howell


hi all, i've been lurking but never introduced myself. i came across this site via mtbr.com, and really is a good source of information regarding nj trails. i have been biking around mannasquan reservoir for 13 yrs till we had a picnic at turkey swamp and did some trail riding that got me hooked on mt bking. i usually ride allaire, cr, hartshorne/huber w/ ringwood and 6 mr once. hoping to find time on sundays to help out in tm sessions.


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Welcome aboard.
we all start by lurking about...:)
I mostly ride allaire and have been to one TM so far basically a good time was had by all..
hope to see you about..


whats up

welcome to the forums. I am an avid rider in most of those areas as well but mostly Allaire and Hartshorne. be sure to come to the tuesday rides at allaire and the thursday rides at hartshorne.



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so do your pronounce you screen name ho ho dancer? I think that would be the latin pronunciation.

oh yeah, welcome....
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