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Hi, my name is Larry. I just joined up, its nice to see such an active mtb community in Nj. I have been riding for a few years now and do most of my riding at allaire. Also like to hit up clayton and harthshorne now and then. Look forward to meeting up on the trails.


velcome (insert evil laugh here)

Well, if yer down with Allaire, keep yer eyes open for 501 Crew rides. Pace is usually chill, and the group is cool n fun. In spring, the 501 Beginner rides will be the deal every tuesday evening. Scope the Allaire section of the forum or the rides section for those goings ons. Peace out cub scout, TJ


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welcome aboard friend. yeah keep you eye out like tj said for 501 rides. you may have seen or HEARD us. we are usually the rowdy bunch out there. hahaha


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Welcome aboard this is a great place to mingle?
just don't lend me money....

Brian Snyder

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You ride all my favorite spots. Keep your self upright, and feel free to join us on a ride or two. See you out there.


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hola, not to be confused with the urban term HOLA!!

It's got 2 "L's" Walter...HOLLA!! As used in popular phrases such as "Holla if ya swalla","Holla atcha boi", and of course in it's most known usage "Ain't cho holla back gurl". Plus we'll add guns just to keep it gangsta:getsome:

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