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Hello everyone. Just thought I would say hi and stop lurking. It was suggested to me that I create a screen name here as well as mtbr, so I did.
I am a beginner new to the central/north jersey area (lived in Yardley, PA up till now). I have been riding six miles lately, trying to get out there every few days so I dont get lost in there. Its really a great trail and I love having a place only minutes from where I live. I know I have met a few of you and look forward to meeting more.

Shannon :D


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hi. welcome to the nuthouse, which, incidently is full of beer tonight. :D


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Welcome, Take off your coat and stay a while.
I live literally 7 minutes from six mile and am there quite often. Ill see you soon im sure.

NJ Jess

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Hi there

I tried to ride with you and the gang the day it rained SOOOOO hard and knew it would be a bit sloppy. Since then I'm ridden it 4 times. I work close by so I hope to see you on the trails after work sometime. Nice to have more women riders. Hope to ride with you soon. You might want to ride Jungle Habitat too. Good beginner course.


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Rode with you the other day when we were all worried about getting stuck in the trail in the dark. Just created a screen name on here too....

I try to get to six mile as often as possible usually right around 4 or so on weekdays, kinda random on the weekends.
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