Hello....back in the swing of things after a long hiatus


I'd first like to say this site is a great source of information and a terrific way to meet people to ride with.

I picked up my new ride on Thursday and took it out on its maiden voyage today...well yesterday... at 6mile. It was the first time I have seen a trail in 20+ years as I am looking at MTBing as a fun source of fitness training (I am 42). I had an absolute blast; the pace was moderate (with a few stops) as we took the blue trail from the Canal Street lot to Middlebush; then headed back, finally taking the yellow trail back to the lot. I was able to hit most of the not so technical obstacles with good success and took my first nice spill as one hit me back. I went over one the smaller wooden bridges a bit too slow, lost my balance and reared off in the middle; as my front wheel hot the mud i was leaning too far forward and went over the bars, landing on my head....lol. On the way back I made it over, so I guess the trail and I are even for now.

My legs still feel a bit like Jello, other than that I feel great. Overall it was a terrific experience and I am looking forward to increasing my fitness and technical abilities so I am able to take full advantage of what my bike and the trails have to offer. I would especially like to thank Greg for showing me around 6mile and I look forward to seeing many of you out there soon.



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welcome aboard,
6 mile is some great riding some really nice trail work....


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Really liked you in Rocky III....


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Well I am glad to see I still have some fans....thanks for all of the kind words...hope to see you all on the trails soon.

I had to cut down the fro cause I was having trouble finding a helmet that fit properly.
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Sorry the whole film thing didn't work out. Spending your time biking in NJ will have its rewards and there must be some comfort in knowing you have finally hit rock bottom.
You can only go up from here T.


"I ain't getting on no plane. Ooo, tasty milk that's not laced with sleepy pills..."

Welcome mate.
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