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Im new to this forum, and recently got back into MTB. Im in the proccess of building a new bike also!

I just wanted to say that this forum is the most resorceful for local trails.

Also I was wondering if anyone in the area (north Jersey) knows what is the deal with the trails where Minisink Rd. and Berkshire Valley Rd. meet?

A friend and I came across them yesterday, I actually drove my Jeep back on them to see what they looked like. The main trail was wide enough for a hummer, and all of the side trails look awesome. Seems that it was created for ATV and DB's, but there are a lot of hills/jumps, drops, banked turns, and whoops. I am looking foward to going back there with my bike.

The sign at the trail head says you are allowed to hike/camp/horseback there, It also allows for properly registered vehicles, but says that 4 wheelers, DB, and Snow mobiles are prohibited.

I will snap a few pics when I go up again.

Attached is a image of the "playground" via GOOGLE Earth.;)

berkshire valley road in west milford/jefferson off 23? let's see some pictures of your home built fs!
Sorry... yea the same berkshire valley rd. but down in Wharton/Dover area.

Yep, as soon as I get this thing built there will be some pics. Still waiting on a few parts.
Mfg. by Zeigler-Lam, which sounds german to me.. but I was told it is a Japaneese frame. It was very cheap, but seems to be made well, weighs 9lbs with the shock, but that shock is going to be replaced with a fox float w/ lock out. :D
Berkshire Valley Wildlife Management Area

The trails you are asking about I believe are part of the Berkshire Valley Wildlife Management Area. I live in Succasunna and have past that area numerous times but I have not explore them myself. I ride the Black river Wildlife Management area often. I believe that you can ride those trails. This quote is from the state web page
"Mountain biking is allowed on existing trails and secondary roads on wildlife management areas from March 1 to April 15 and June 1 to September 15, as well as on Sundays throughout the year. Bikes are permitted on major designated trails year round except for the Highlands Trail which passes through Berkshire Valley and Wildcat Ridge WMAs. Riding over any dam, wildlife food area, cultivated fields, lawns, gardens and fire break plow-lines is prohibited. Bikers are also prohibited from establishing any new trails through the destruction of existing vegetation."

Just keep in mind these areas are set aside for hunting, but no hunting on Sundays. Check out this web site. www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/wmarticl.htm
Maybe I'll see you on the trails.
I'm not 100% sure of the area but if it's where I think it is, next to power lines then most of it is private property. When I used to 4 wheel in the north jersey jeep club there was a member who either owned the land or knew the guy who owned the land and we would go out there.

btw, welcome to the site.
Thanks for the input, and thanks for the welcome!

Yes I was planning on going up to Black River WMA. I herd it is pretty neat, and I can shoot up after work, actually I could ride from work.

Well as far as the unknown WMA, I e-mailed NJ-DEP about it yesterday and I am waiting for a response from them, as soon as I find out Ill let you guys know, and as far as I know the trails are not by power lines, although I think what you are talking about is down the road and on the opposite side.
Ok, so far the WMA that I was talking about has a lake called prospertown lake. Apparently there is a paddler lake, and some fishing can be done there, but I do not see a lake on Google Earth.

This apparently is not related to prospertown wildlife management area, because that is in Freehold. Ill let you guys know if I find out anymore.
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Pics of Trail.

Here are the trails that TimeKiller is talking about off of Berkshire Valley Road.






I have not taken my bike here yet but I can't wait until this weekend. Hopefully it isn't raining!
Yup that's it! I cant wait till tomorrow, gonna hit it up hardcore! Too bad I gotta ride my Motiv rigid. :(
Well... i'ts getting there.. need to order another seatpost or hopefully Cycle craft will have it, no one has this size. :(


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