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Hello everyone, well my name is Mike Flatley ( lord of the crash ) aka NMBPmike. I have been an avid Mountain Biker since 1991 and a Advocate for Mountain biking since that time under the direction of Mr. wally Tunison. I have been involved with IMBA since 1993 and the NMBP portion of my tag means (National Mountain Bike Patrol) I am your NJ state Instructor and also the North East Regional Rep under the guidence of IMBA. I belong to a great group called JORBA as the Trail Patrol Coordiniator and the Lead contact for Monmouth County Parks. So if you have any concerns about any trails in all of the Monmouth County parks, i can be your go to guy and i would be glad to take your suggestions, criticisms and concerns, as the Master volunteer for them I teach how to build and construct sustainable trails in the woods and teach a class run by Monmouth county 2 times a year. I also belong to another great group called ATUG run by my best bud Frank, ( whats up SG) :p I am a newbie to MTBNJ and i really like what i see and read from this site, it is informative and unbiased and it doesnt have the crap talk like some other sites i am on :hmmm: i guess thats it really, if you need any help or want to start a bike patrol in a state or county park or wish to join one, drop me an email and i will see what i can do. Your advocate in Mountain Biking.

Mike Flatley


Welcome to the mellow, non-freak out site. dou*** :D
your best bud.:wedgie:
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