Hello (Again!)

Hey everyone,

Jersey Girl Rides (Jig) is back. I missed it here!

The first year of school is officially over and I am officially on vacation. It was hard but worth it, and year two of teaching is going to be a lot smoother now that I know a few things that trial-by-fire have burned into me.

No riding for me this summer, though. Ibike73 and I are expecting a kid in November and mountain biking is officially off the menu. I've been hiking and weight training though, and keeping the legs going indoors on the trainer. I'm getting Baby H. used to riding now so when he or she gets here biking as a means to health and happiness will already be a foregone conclusion.

Glad to be back. Good luck to everyone who is racing at KVSP tomorrow - two of my students are racing beginner class there. Wish Cesar and Freddie good luck!

Have a fun summer.

Amy (JGR)


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Welcome to the site! again

You're not the same JGR that was here, left, then here again, then left again, now back again, are you?:D

Glad to see you made it through your first year on the job, and congrats on the soon to be little one!

NJ Jess

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well hello again! Even if you cant ride,..come to the JORBAfest on Sept 13th,...give you ideas about getting back into it.


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welcome back, i think we rode together at 6mi once....grats on the little one to be


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Hey Amy,

Congrats to you and Ron.

You are going to be a great Momma!


Hey Amy,

Congrats to you and Ron.

You are going to be a great Momma!



Thanks Jay. We'll come see you as soon as she is old enough for her first bike. We found out we are having a little girl. Her name will be Lily Elizabeth. Can't wait!

We're planning to be at JORBAfest and will see you all soon!


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Welcome back, and congrats on the future baby biker. Looking forward to seeing you at Jorbafest!
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