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I saw this at the cyclingnews web site. Thought it was very interesting. I guess I need this winter training to cut 30 pounds!......

The graph shows the heights and weights of successful professional riders, both men and women. Each Men point represents a rider who either won a classic, grand tour or world championship. The women and Saturn men rode for a domestic or international professional team. As you can see, the great majority of riders are within about ten pounds one way or the other of the average weight for their height, and none are more than 20 pounds either way from the average.

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ok, now that's funny.

i'd have to drop 60 lbs to be a flatlander, and 80 to be a climber! :eek:
Shaggz said:
uh - maybe it's me, but i can not link to this web page. will someone pm me the full link?

I just linked straight to the image that page displays:


You should be able to see a graph above, if not paste this:


I've got about 20 to lose... no wonder I'm getting my ass handed to me on the climbs.
F$*k losing weight. I'm just going to buy high heels.
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normZurawski said:
F$*k losing weight. I'm just going to buy high heels.
SPD, Time, or Crank Bros.?:D
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normZurawski said:
F$#k losing weight. I'm just going to buy high heels.

So, just because you guys like to wear high heels, you think you belong in the women's section??? :confused: :confused: I find that pretty interesting.

Anyway, I wouldn't get too bumbed about trying to loose weight. That graph was taken from roadies not mountain bikers. I read somewhere, that Marco Pantani was tested for bone density after his big crash, which I believe was several years before his tour win, and his bones were that of a seventy year old. Thin bones could throw off a survey based on weight, right ?? Bones that thin will not last long on a mountain bike, with the rate we crash. Being a little over weight seems like it may be an advantage on the mountain bike anyway.

I have noticed that pro mountain bike women around the country do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, where the men tend to be thin. What's with that ?

Now if we can get the advertising world to use more athletic women as models, maybe we wouldn't all feel so fat.

pixy after too much cofee :D
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it's clearly an attempt by the gentleman to flatulate at a level audible over his motorcycle there. very scientific. i found the picture years ago, not sure where. it was taken in Ireland.
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