I am fairly new to allergies. This is probably only my second year having them. I have them a couple of weeks late spring and then more ferociously during the fall until first frost. My question is for anyone who has had some experience with allergies.

Lately, on the days that the symptoms are especially bad when I ride my heartrate jumps really high with little effort. I don't get winded exactly, it almost feels like the lungs aren't doing what they are supposed to making the heart work especially hard. An example- a climb I do in Wawayanda regularly around 143BPM, I did yesterday, I checked the heartrate it was around 164-it didn't feel like I was working hard at all except that my face was especially red. I am also thinking maybe I am just not drinking enough water.

Anyhow..any input is appreciated. I know my concerns may seem infantile but this is all new to me. Beofre 2004 I didn't have a doctor for almost ten years, no health problems, no pharma, no allergies, once i had stitches but that was about it, etc..
your body is working harder to fight off what is irritating it, so your hr will be higher. same as if you are riding up the same hill, at the same speed with an infection, or a stomach full of food. your body has additional issues to tend to, and your heart will have to work a little harder to tend them while you pedal at the same rate.
thanks for the response. it makes sense. i guess i should just be careful not to over exert during the times my allergies are bad. i have been using essential oils for my allergies a mixture specifically for sinus/allergy problems and so far it has really seemed to help minimize the bad days, but who the hell knows the allergin could just be lower this year than last.

random side note: i usually don't wear my heart rate monitor unless im riding alone or when I don't feel just right because when its on i find myself obsessing over my stats.
Allergies suck .... I had a rough year a couple years back but since haven't had a run in with them... but yea they will run you down !! And there isn't too much you can do ..... Just listen to your body and go through it but don't let it go to far. I had an infection one year that killed me !! I tried every non-drug remedy the year I had it.... Apples, Water.. you name it !!

I recommend plenty of sleep !! But still try to ride through it !!:getsome:
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