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I was wondering if you guys and gals recommend a model/ brand for a Heart rate monitor. I like the Polar stuff, to many too choose from. I would like a wrist watch model with the abililty for a handle bar mount, also would like it to be compatable with a SPEED sensor for the bike.

What kind of issues are there with the WIRELESS computers and Heart Rate monitors?

Thanks in advance.


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i have the garmin edge 305, which is not wrist compatible. they only downside to the wireless, is that it sometimes gets spikes and miscommunication near cell towers, high tension lines or military instalations. only sometimes though. most of the time it works fine. also, if you set it up to recieve speed info from the sensor(as opposed to through the gps/barometric alt), you shut off the gps and lose that feature. the gps/barometric alt is pretty good though, and you can correct most signal errors in the online training software motionbased.

definitely worthwhile in the end, for all the charts and everything you get. it's everything, nearly, you could want as far as bike mounted gadgets in one small package. i've even thrown it in my pocket and taken it hiking with no signal problems.


yeah, the only thing I don't like about my 305Edge is that I haven't found a widget to strap it to my arm properly. I'd like to use it for trail running too. But the unit itself is pretty sweet.

I imagine the next generation will have more detailed maps. or perhaps even just a map with details would be good!


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I use a Polar S710i which I can wear like a watch or mount on my bars. It has all the HR functions as well as all the cycle functions plus an altimeter which totals the feet climbed during a ride. I can download the data to my PC (easily) and see a graph of the ride. It may seem like overkill, but I like reviewing the graph to see my heart rate on the different climbs and during the jams. The graph shows HR, speed and elevation at the same time. The software on my PC looks like a calender and does all kinds of things like tracking totals for the week and month and can create annual statisistics. I like being able to switch between my mtn and road bike with the push of a button. I get some spikes once in a while on the road, but they only last a second or two and never in the woods. The speed sensor is wireless, so no more ripped out wires. If you are not looking for GPS, this is a good option. I think Polar offers several cycling models.

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