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So I've been chopping around the shop lately and stumbled across a question I didn't want to rip apart a bike for....

I have a 1 1/8" steerer tube, I was just wondering what the inner diameter of the head tube usually is since the headset prevents a lot of jiggle. It seems to be significantly wider. Was hoping someone knew off the top of their head.


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By measuring an old headset I have I get 1.345" as the ID of head tube. The fork steerer is 1.125" so the headset fills a gap of .220" or .110 on one side.

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it would also depend on the style of HS used. external ( most common) internal or integrated. The internal is wider than the external headset and uses short pressed in cups, while the integrated system uses no cups and the bearings ride inside the headtube. Dont know if that helps but , there it is.
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