Hayes sole brakes....


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Short Summary: God awful

Longer summary: These horrible brakes were laying around from one of my old bikes and at the time they were OKAY at best. I rode them on my HT for about a year and a half and it was nothing but trouble.

The lever assembly was crap, it had some stupid retaining washer design that ended up failing 3-4 times on the trails and once on a crash on the roads. The adjuster mechanism was crummy, it'd always shift around. The only good thing was that the pads were held in magnetically which made replacing them easy. The brakes didn't feel even and every time I bleed them they'd start to feel squishy a month or so later. The way the fluid is held in is questionable...all it is is a rubber stopper....yeah... I was riding at 6 mile and nicked a branch and it happened to fling off this stopper. I had no rear brakes for the whole ride. I mean ALL the reviews at mtbr are of a similar experience. These brakes are truthfully garbage.


I replaced them with a set of juicy 5's and I couldn't be happier, the 5's aren't problem free but as long as they are dry and well maintained I haven't had any problems with them on my other bike. People complain about loud squeals when they get wet which does happen....with almost every disc brake out there. Anywho can't complain when you get them for 60$ for the set new :)
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