Hayes Nine brake time


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I have a set of Hayes 9s with 6" rotors front and rear. I want to upgrade to an 8" rotor up front, as well as replacing all of the pads, which are shot. I know I need to pick up the adapter to 51 mm IS mount to move the caliper out. Any advice on pads and rotors? With all of the different pad compounds out there it is hard to know what is best without simply experiencing all of them, so please send your experiences my way. I want a combo that provides good stopping power while retaining modulation, a decent pad life, and NO squealing. Thanks.
Don't know about disks, but I had good luck with the pads that I got from Disco brakes. They have free shipping for orders over $20, and I got them in like 2 days. I just bought the cheapest ones, but they seem to have many compounds. Looks like the have conversion kits, but again have no experience with them. I think Pricepoint.com probably has the best prices on name brand rotors. Here is the link for Disco:


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