Has anyone here used Hippie-Tech Suspension?


They offer "custom" rebuids and servicing on all sorts of MTB suspension. The Judy on my mid-90's hardtail could probably use some attention by now. Do you guys have any experience with them?

Bob W

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Why not use a local shop?

I would go to John at Cycle Works. He can work on anything and get is setup the way you like, and you dont have to ship it out to someone.


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I have send some prehistoric front and rear shocks to Hippie-Tech.

They have many small parts that are out of production. Way out of production in some cases.

I had heard that they bought most if not all if the Rock Shox small parts when they were sold to Sram.

They do good work and they have salvaged some otherwise hopeless bikes.

I have also heard that the guys at cycleworks do some impressive suspension work.

Ian F

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I had my 2000 Boxxer rebuilt by Hippie Tech a number of years ago (when I was still racing DH). The cost was over $300, but the fork needed a lot of parts to repair crash-damage... It's not bad, and I would probably use them again for the Boxxer if needed... but it still doesn't feel quite as nice as when I had the same fork tuned by Shaums March at a clinic at Mt Snow...

One of the main reasons I lean towards Marzzochi forks is the service center in CA still keeps parts in stock and will rebuild any fork they've ever made (all the way back to the XC-series forks of the early '90s). I just had my '97 Z-2 and '99 Superfly rebuilt by them for about $100 each.
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