Has anyone ever ridden here other than me?



I can see why most of you don't post anything here this place sucks. I'm not sure if I wasn't looking in the right place or what but I had one of the worst rides ever. Did anyone ever have a good ride here?


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I like to ride there. There is one climb that is challenging enough. Other than that, a fairly small park but great for family rides. If only they would open the white trail to biking, it would take a whole different dimension.


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Does the Columbia Trail link up to this park? And is it CX friendly?


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Does the Columbia Trail link up to this park? And is it CX friendly?

You can do that. Mike679(?) mentioned a shortcut but I never found it. You can simply ride the road from one to the other.

CX friendly, not quite. Unless you stick to the fire roads, but you'd be missing out on some good stuff.


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I live about a mile away from Voorhees, and been riding there since I can remember. Cross park trail isn't bad. I think its about 2mi, Vista trail is always completely covered with thorns due too poor maintenance. Which is unfortunate because its pretty steep. Its kind of a place you can just crank out the whole park in 2 hours. I can't complain too much because it's so close haha.
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