Has anyone been out this morning?



I'm thinking about going, someone has to have gone. Let us know! :D


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went out between 7-9am.

trails are obviously wet but generally okay. some mud in low areas and turns. the worst thing by far was the wet roots...slowed us down big time.

there were signs of LOT of water running through there yesterday. some of the "wooden crates" placed in low areas got washed out. we returned most of them to their proper position. 6MR itself was very high (obviously unpassable).

considering the amount of rain we got (and the amount of water that was obviously running through there yesterday) I would say that I was generally surprised by how dry the trails were.

however - I rec. you go slow. the muddy turns and wet roots are ripe for nice spills.


We did Mahlon this morning as we always do and it was fine, actually it was fun. The streams and river beds that have been dry all summer were 12" deep in some spots , so we got wet a few times.:)
Really no issues to report, a few downed branches.
Actuslly the most difficult thing was that the leaves are coming down and are covering the trails, so it's a little tricky to follow the trails now that they are covered and look just like the "woods".


Six mile is fine, I just got back from that. Just a few puddles here and there...


yeah it wasnt too bad, a couple of the water crossings were pretty deep, glad to get cooled down in the water :)

plus the free bike wash, oh yes :)


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the trails were fine, my fitness wasn't though lol...

apologies to the guy in the black jeep. i wanted to stop and introduce myself but i was so wiped i thought if i stopped peddling, my legs would go jelly and i wouldn't be able to get home. lol :(


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I'm glad I took the chance and went today, it was fine as others said. I had a blast and got to meet a few people, plus I didn't get myself lost this time. It was a perfect day to ride!

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