Hartshorne Sunday 9am


I Owe Norm $10
If anyone is interested a friend and I will be doing an intermediate paced run through hartshorne. We will be arriving in the lower navesink lot around
9-915am. I am fairly familiar with the place so if youve never been and already have some skills this would be a great time to experience what i think is one of the most fun rides jersey has to offer........

Navy blue exterra, obnoxiously orange hardtail.

Rain.....you are not invited.


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Count me in...

I ride there almost EVERY day! I've only missed two days there this month...I ride the "big loop" approx 8.5 miles, my time is just under an hour...no stops...no rests. I drive a red tiberon and my ride is a red and silver gary fisher..First name Ron.
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