hartshorne friday 9 AM pre-snow


gonna be low 30's but the forecast seems to think the snow isn't likely to start till noon-ish. anyone want to get a pre-"oh my god its gonna snow so much" ride in? I am slow and out of shape but i know the park and will be getting in there for an hour or so.


I might make it there by 0900

I'll be easy to spot. I'll be the guy with the hangover and the red & white singlespeed.


More booze?!? And you're riding a girl's bike?

Missed you over at Huber last Sunday, btw.

More booze? you mean you stop some nights? ;) It's that damn beer shop that opened on sunset, they have EVERYTHING!

I wanted to go to Huber, but the late start had my bike starting to look like a pumpkin with every other pedal stroke.


cool will swing through around 9 grey ibis; pinky still in splint, dressed warm... is later better? I'm free

semicolon added later for clarity
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no worries... next time...
snow started light around 9:40 so the ride out was in the white stuff
flats are way too mushy if you are thinking about heading in avoid the trail to the ranger station
otherwise the snow is awesome and fluffy
huber tomorrow afternoon?

NJ Jess

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Hello Dannya

ok, augie, signed up, logged in, and ready to ride

Hello Dannya,.....hope to ride with you some time. With Mtbnj.com,...you will find lots of people and places to ride,....but it helps to hit up the First Timers (Welcome, I'm new here) thread,.....


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there calling for snow friday???:scared: damn is NJ ever going to dry up
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