Hartshorne after rain


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Great shape. Probably better than it was before yesterday's downpours.

1 note of caution. As I was doing that moderate climb from lower lot just before the road crossing to rocky point there was an inocuous little maple draped across the trail at around handlebar height. Couldn't lift as it was a little too big and wedged in. No biggie on the way up. But, of course I forgot all about it and was hammering down on the way back and barely saw it, as it's only maybe 5 inches thick and blends right in with the trail. Slammed on the brakes and stopped just before hitting it at full speed.

I put a few sticks up against it like a big X so it sticks out. I'm sure they'll be through with a saw soom. They're usually pretty good over there.

Hey, is that hiker from hell doing some "renovations" there like he was at Allaire? There seems to be more of those curbs made out of branches that he was putting all over. You know, the ones that block the trails from draining properly?

Anyway, have fun and heads up.


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It's been moved....

I was there today and was HAMMERING down untill I spotted it......Oh $%^&
I stopped and managed to get it high enough up to be able to go under it in either direction up or down!...I really want to get one of thoes hand chain saw things so I can fix anything as I go!!!

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I rode Hartshorne Sunday morning and it was very dry. Sandy in all the usual places but packed and fast everywhere else. It's in great shape.
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