Happy Daddy Day to you Mt bike Dads!


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I am always amazed how you guys manage it all. I have no kids and I barely find a minute of free time.

You guys get huge props from us all for juggling kids as well as all the other things that fill the day.

Here are the dads that come to my mind right away..

Norm, Jeff, Bob, Bill, Ben, Tim, Walter ..

i am spacing on others but perhaps you guys might name the other riding dads.

My own dad had a heart attack yesterday and it has totally consumed me. He lives far away and I rarely see him.

You only get one dad. If you are lucky you have him in your life.

Great Job DADS!!



Thanks! Proud dad here.

See pic.


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Daddy of Three Boys here! It's a nut house.

J.Dog sorry to here about your Dad. I wish you and the family all the best.



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Have a happy one all you dads!

Well put J. there are a bunch of dads that really do a good job and many of them are right here!

Hope all is well with your family.


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J_, Hope your Dad is OK. My son will be 5 in August, and my daughter is 2.5. It was fun chatting with other Dad's in similar positions this AM at the DHG. Riding in the AM, and spending the rest of the day with my wife and children - I could not have asked for more today.


jdog, I hope your dad recovers and sticks around for a long time to come. You said he's far away, get on a plane ASAP and go see him !

My dad had a small heart attack about 10 years ago and has since had 2 stents put in to keep the arteries open.

It's serious stuff and he should not take it lightly.

For me I have 2 girls , 5 and 8. I 've been riding now for only 6 weeks and really loving it.
I ride with 3 other guys , 2 of them have 3 kids the other has two. So we meet at 5:30am , head to Mahlon and we're usually riding by 6am or earlier.

We usually get there before the park gate is open.

My one friend and I actually snuck in a ride yesterday afternoon while all the kids were at birthday parties.

So we rode this morning 6am to almost 9am and then my family headed to Hoboken for brunch with the rest of my family and inlaws etc...

It's all good !


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Thanks Jdog...

2 little boys here...A 4-year old and a 1-year old...I like to refer to them as "cross-training" :D

Peep the pics...



Peace homies,



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Thanks J! Much appreciated.

Happy Day to dads Jake, Steve, Maurice, Bill (Graveyardman), Kirt, and Nelson as well. How the hell do you have 3 kids and race semipro?!?!?!


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Thanks for the thoughtful post. Yes it is hard but I couldn't imagine it any other way, I've got a 5.5 and 7.5. Best of luck and health for your dad.


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just the facts

My dad is a crazy outdoors type..

He was surf fishing in a Kayak when he got his line snagged on the bottom.

He was yanking on the line when it broke. He rolled the kayak in the opposite direction and dumped into the water. He was in Maine where the water is still in the 50's.

He battled the current for about 40 minutes.

He couldn't get back in the boat but he managed to swim it to shore and save his precious rod. Unfortunately he felt like shit and had chest pains.

He did the smart thing and drove his truck to the hospital and he has been there since.

He failed a stress test so they have to do some type of stint..

The thing that sucks is that I just can't get there to be with him.

Thanks for asking and caring.



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Man I really misread your OP Jay. Sorry to hear that and sorry you can't get up there. Best of luck to you both.


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Thanks JDog and my sincere wishes your pop gets well soon.

My dad passed seven years ago from cancer; it was 6 weeks from diagnosis to the day he died (almost to the hour). I made it out (Oregon) for a brief visit...to brief. Alas, I had two kids, a pregnant wife, was in the process of buying a house, mind blowing turmoil at work, etc. I'm glad I made it there for a week, or so, at least. By the time I left he was so slammed on pain meds he was sleeping 23 hrs a day and when he wasn't, he simply wasn't there--so the quality of any extra time wasn't there either. It was really tough getting in the taxi to the airport when I left as I knew it was the last time I'd see my dad alive. He actually managed to get to the window under his own power to wave goodbye. It was the last time he did anything under his own power. He was 76. I miss the ol' fart every day...

My wife's dad passed 1 1/2 years ago after a 5 year fight with Lou Gehrigs. I have to say my father's ordeal was easier; it was relatively quick. I had a front row seat watching JoAnna's dad, a marathoner (sub 3 hr times in many Boston and NYC marathons), go from a 59 y.o. epitome of health (could kick my ass on a hike like you wouldn't believe!), to a 120 lbs of skin and bone quadriplegic. We cared for him up until the last year-and-a-half of his life. I learned a lot about the human spirit and myself over that time. I did things I thought I'd never be able to do (especially to someone other than my own parent). He fought with dignity and grace; more so than I thought was ever possible. He was a great dad...and a great man.

Sorry, this post has turned into a downer. Here's the point on this father's day: Make sure your old man knows that you appreciate him and don't take him for granted. If you are a dad, you *really* know the investment he made in making you who you are. You never know when you'll no longer have the chance to acknowledge them; they can go quickly or young. I was lucky, I got to say all the things that a son wants to say to a great dad...things that wouldn't have been said if I didn't have those couple of weeks back in 2001...

So for all the dad's out there doin' the job...here's to you guys!


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It's never too early to teach them how to use a McLeod...


When they can ride with you, don't miss the chance.


And once they're old enough, they'll inevitably want their own cool ride just like dad...


Cheers. Happy father's day to the rest of you dads...


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Thanks J! Being a dad is awesome and without a kid I would have never loved a road bike so much!


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thanx - still a noob at this dad thing but it just keeps getting better every day.

best of luck to you and your dad.


J, hope your dad has a quick recovery and continues to go out and do what he was doing!
Happy belated Fathers Day to all those that are and to those that are going to be! It's the best job in the world!


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Thanks for thinking of us, JDog. Sorry to read about your pops.

I had a pretty good day yesterday.
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