Happy Birthday! ! !


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM VREELAND ! ! ! YIPPIEEEEE! ... YAHOOOOO! Boy 29 years old, ya don't look a day over 35! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrracerchick


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I waited until after midnight....

Happy Birthday Jim, thanks for the years of great service, advice and insight!

Enjoy the day!


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Happy birthday, young man.

We will do much flying around the woods this winter.


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Vegan Jimmy
Happy Birthday!!! :)

I hope your not one of the ones that take a combined gift for your b-day and x-mas. :D


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Thanks homies!! I wish I was still 29, I'm 34 today. After seeing how perfect the weather was this morning I decided to hit Staten CX and race with the other old farts:D

And yes my presents usually do get combined, as in, I don't get anything for either:cry:

Merry christmas!!

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