Happy Birthday Norm


Fourth Party
he must have thought he was spelling Chester Cheetah:rolleyes:

oh, happy bday again Norm!:whoopdedo

you too Tommy Jay
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El Guac-Oh
speaking of Cheetos....how come I can't find the Flaming Hot ones on this part of the USandA?!?!?! :mad::mad:

oh, Happy Birthday fellas....


Not-So-Venerable Asshat
Happy Birthday Norm (and Billie Jean King, too). Hope you had a good ride.

You say its your birthday? Its my birthday too, yeah!

(Boooooooo!!! Heckle Heckle BOOOOOO!)


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Hey guys, thanks for all the well wishes!

And happy birthday, The Cheat!


Not-So-Venerable Asshat
Hope it was a good day for Norm and BJK.

It certainly was for me. And it certainly WASN'T for JFK in 1963.


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Happy Bday Norm but days like today were meant for off-road you knuckehead.

Yeah, I know. But I got no car!

I'm thinking of just riding the MTB to LM or CR in the future, channeling Sean's spirit. But I need to swap out the Mountain Kings for Pythons before I hit the pavement otherwise I'll just be grinding down my tread on the way there.

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
Gents', Good on ya both! Norm, riding on the road today...your Brass Balls must be tongue-sticking cold. Advise: alert the appropriate party(s).:D
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