Happy Birthday Danspank


Fourth Party
Happy Birthday Daniel :whoopdedo

Hopefully there are some other elite athletes that can help you enjoy the day!:D


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walt, why am i not surprised you posted this? man, you are bored.

oh, happy birthday dan-0!


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Tear it up like you were still young -


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How many spankings do you give a guy named danspank on his B-day??

Twice the customary amount of course!


Yeeaaaaaa! It's me birthday!! 35 years old and lovin' it!

So, let's see. I'd like loads of spanks please. More so since it's me special day.

I had ovaltine last night - tasty! And helps you sleep. Tea? Of course. Milky, no sugar, then I'm ready for business.

Queen Liz and I chat on a regular basis. She doesn't get enough attention from Phil so I chat her up all the time.

Don't forget "centre" and most other words ending in "re", most words ending in "le", anything with an "s" that you change to "z" (pronounced "zed"), you've ruined "fanny" for me, and "double-fisting" is now so tame that it can be someones signature on this board!! Bloody puritans!

Anyhoo, I'm off to the motherland tomorrow to stock up on accent, GOOD food, birthday party celebrations and all kinds of other stuff. Won't be taking the bike though.

Feel free to burgle my house - it's insured. Just leave the bikes if you don't mind. Oh, and be in and out quick otherwise the ADT boys will be on your arse!!

ok, time to blow out the candles and make a wish.

Thanks again lads and lasses,

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