Happy B-Day 2 me ride at Hartshorne

NJ Jess

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Hello there, yes I know this is short notice, but I've been working 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. Sunday is my only day off, and I'm going to ride Hartshorne at 1030-11ish on Sunday. Anyone out there want to ride instead of Christmas shop? Smiles, NJ Jess


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Happy Birthday Jess!!! Enjoy the ride.



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Happy birthday! I tried to ride on my birthday but there were hunters in the park.


Have a great day Jess. Happy Birthday. Sorry i won't be at Hartshorne.
Enjoy the ride

NJ Jess

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Still riding

Thanks for all the B-Day wishes! I have 3 friends that are able to make it, so no frets. I'm just so happy to make this a biking day. I've been off the bike for 3 weeks. There was a light frost on the cars and the sun is now peeking over the shed. Beautiful! Hope everyone has an AWESOME day!


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Happy Birthday Jess. i was going to chime in with it yesterday, but didn't want to be another one wishing you a happy bday but not showing up. glad you've got some people to ride with. enjoy!


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Happy Birthday,

it is warming up nicely out there. Just got back from walking the dogs, its much nicer then when i left


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Happy Birthday, Jess! I can't believe you're finally 29 years old!

Hope you had a good ride today!

NJ Jess

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Fun times!

Thanks Keith, Kerry, Dar, Paul, and later Danny for a great ride at Hartshorne. 3 weeks off the bike hurts! We were in the woods for over 2 hours bombing the trails with a conversational stop at the end of each trail, to catch our breath and chat. Lots of bike knowledge out there! Lot's of fun skills seen from everyone. Thanks for giving me my wish to mtb on my Birthday. Yea, I'm 29 again! Smiles, NJ Jess


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Happy B- Day as well.

I am going to hartshorne with a buddy of mine tomm round 10ish. Anyone going to be around? Also i was curious to know if riding my SS would be a good idea there. Never ridden there b4. I ride six mile 3 to 4 times a week on my SS. Id like to know if ill need more than one gear! thanks!


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Happy B-Day :)

Hey Jess -
Glad to hear you had a good ride, we were there on Black Friday for the first time. Had a great time up until my rear wheel starting misbehaving...it is now at the bike doctor's.

We missed you at the Jungle Habitat TM

What anniversary of the 29th b-day is it for you anyway?? I'm starting to celebrate anniversaries of my 39th :eek:

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