Handlebar Gu flash holder

NJ Jess

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Hi there! Does anyone know where in New Jersey I can purchase Gu flash holder for the handlebar on my bike? With the All-a-muchy coming up, I think Ill need the extra energy. Thanks, Jess
I was thinking the same thing this week while struggling to get my flask out of my jersey while riding.

EMS has the flask, but not the holders. I picked up 1 of these while I was there:
A little pricey @ $17 but should should get the job done.

i've only recently started to use gels. has anyone used the electrical tape method i've seen? where you individually tape each packet by the tab to the stem or top tube, then pull off and consume as needed? does it work well enough? and yes, the empty packets obviously go in the jersey pocket, not on the side of the trail.
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