Halter's Cycles Inspired -- (31/31) 2020 Edition .. RIDE 1hr a day, EVERY DAY for the month of July just for the FUN of it


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30/31 Only one more to go! I am tired of the heat and humidity. After the slight reprieve from yesterday today was like being punched in the mouth. I am actually looking forward to riding in the rain tomorrow.



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So July looks like this:

Rides: 31
Hikes: 14
Total hours: 64
Mountain bike rides: 18
Mountain bike miles: 181
Total miles: 558

Some of the non-local places I rode:

Pine Hill in Rutland, VT
Ascutney, VT
Landmark/Boston Trails in NH
Lyme local in NH
Franklin Falls, NH
Gurney Lane, NY
Elm Ridge, NY
Norbrook Brewery, CT
Graham Hills, NY
Sherburne, VT
Killington. VT


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With no camp this summer, I'm trying to ride as many different places (trail) as possible. So for the month of July, I've got...

Moon Lake, PA
Core Creek, PA
Port Jervis, NY
Nockamixon, PA
Highland Bike Park, NH
Killington, VT
Thunder Mtn, MA
Ralph Stover/High Rocks, PA
Allaire, NJ
Nassau, NJ
South Mtn, PA
Mountain Creek, NJ
Clayton, NJ
Mercer County Park, NJ
Deer Park, NJ
Sterling, NY
Water Co, NJ

And I managed to ride every one of my bikes this month.
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31/31 It was still a little misty when I started so I hopped on the SS beater bike and hit the road for an hour. Challenge complete.


July for me was a blur. Since I bought my road bike a little over a year ago it has always been an "easy" way to crank out miles/time but for some reason I just have an aversion to the road bike lately. Only two of my rides this month were on the road bike. Four rides were cruising around on pavement with my son. Two rides were on my beater SS on the road and 24 rides were legitimate MTB rides. For those keeping score at home that's 32 rides. One day I pulled double duty. I work in golf and I get up at 4am for work so riding when it was "cool" outside was not really an option. All of my rides occurred in the afternoon after work so lately that has meant 90-95 degrees and oppressive humidity. I am pleased with completing the challenge but I am a bit disappointed in my lack of enthusiasm at the end. I was pretty much punching the clock for the last week or so. I could blame the weather or work but that would be lame.

For my fellow riders who completed the challenge this year, well done!


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JIYF20-31: Waterloo Sunset


Wrapped this up with a sunset cruise with my lady friend.

So as always, this was a great month.
Always enjoy this challenge.

This was a particularly good way to pass the pandemic, and clear the head daily. Much needed.

All but one ride was on this bad boy that I built up shortly before the pandemic. (I had one ride that was a little off the grid and I took the hard tail that is fully field serviceable).

The Orange Whip

The rest of the rides were from the house, involving a mix of road, rail trail and singletrack, so this is my weapon of choice. Nice to not have to consider what the plan is rolling out, and just choose your own adventure as you go.

Now to set August goals and give OW a much needed cleaning and quick once over.

Congrats to all that competed and completed, and thanks @xtrpureguts for picking up the mantle here!
Cheers all!