Halter's Cycles Inspired -- (31/31) 2020 Edition .. RIDE 1hr a day, EVERY DAY for the month of July just for the FUN of it


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July 23:
Got a ton of hard rain Wednesday afternoon and evening. Early this morning it was humid and misty, with intermittent drizzle. My wife and I planned to drive a few miles to the start, but we decided to just go from home as we didn't want the driving time to eat into our short window before the rain that was forecast to begin around 8am.




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What happened to the other rear, and follow ons: was it the Sun wheel, and what did you replace it with?

The engagement pawls on the original STB. Yeah the Sun Ringle 35 that came with the bike. Got almost 1000 miles out of them so it is what it is. Trying to get a warranty now.

Teammate sold me his original wheels from the bike he bought right after me. Same wheels with maybe 2 rides, or none. He swapped out for carbon when he got the bike.

After putting the new wheel on and tuning the RD the bike rides like brand new again. Took it to CR tonight. Butter.

Next spring I’ll likely put Arches on.


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G/L w/ it. I’ve got about 700 on my Durocs already. JV built me up a DT 350, so the Sun only shines on pavement rides with the kids now.

Amazingly, DT dropped in perfectly- no adjustments needed at all. Shifts/brakes perfectly; wheel- to - wheel.

Not a lot of options for 157.


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Day 21
Waited till late in the day for this one. Even had to charge up the lights.
IMG_0119 (1).jpg

Snuck into a viewing of Frozen 2 at the local community college

Day 22
After 30 Years Liverpool finally lifts the cup as English Premier League Champions. Tried to push on this loop for the boys.

Jordan Henderson lifts the cup
Liverpool Lifting Cup.gif

Day 23
Bit of a recovery day for me. Woke up with my Liverpool Jersey still on.

And a little selfie from park on the loop


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Day 23
Mountain bike, the Pivot is back. Like butter.
Chimney Rock

Because I guess I needed to punish myself for no good reason. Goddamn this heat is tough and nothing I do allows me to drink as much as I sweat. I get it, it is what it is. That doesn't mean I have to like it. By the time the rain came and pelted me, I was running on fumes.

The upload issue was the cable. I had no idea there was such a thing as a charging-only cable. FFS do we as humans need to overcomplicate absolutely everything? Yes, yes I guess we do.

Gonna try to ride my mountain bike for the rest of the month. That plan will almost surely not work. But I can try.



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Day 24
Road bike, solo

Like I said, I knew mountain biking every day was a pipe dream. It rained here most of the morning and my only option was Round Valley and really, no thanks. So I did almost exactly 2 hours on the road. Cooler temps but the humidity was off the charts again.

I should probably finish the lawn but that sounds remarkably like effort.

Some pond in Gladstone:



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hate to be the guy to tell you this @Norm but it looked like the alamuchy area got little rain last night, and most of the rocks at stephens were dry at 11 when i started riding, sun was shining when i finished up . . . park was dead 2 other cars at the gate when we started, maybe 3 or 4 when we finished. trail conditions were awesome with no mud.