Halter's Cycles Inspired -- (31/31) 2020 Edition .. RIDE 1hr a day, EVERY DAY for the month of July just for the FUN of it


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Almost any Wolfmother song will cover up an earbug. Woman is particularly effective- primes and coats with a single application.

In lieu of Perry Ferrel rattling around in your head all night, I’ve found that the words, “I believe that children are our future,” can have a maddeningly, sometimes almost homicidal, lasting effect.


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Team MTBNJ Halter's

Day 19.
Never ventured more than a few miles from home.


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I'm now in Park City, Utah. A cancelled ski trip (due to Covid) has now turned into a bike trip :)

Day 18
Tommy and I rode the lift assist trails in Park City. Not really that impressive. It's really a lift assist mountain bike XC trail system. Saw a moose from the chairlift!
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Day 19
Ride 1 of the day was solo. I was still on east coast time and kids were not. I couldn't sit around and wait for them with so much trail around me.
Image-1 (9).jpg

Ride 2 was a family tour of Park City. Pedaled up to the one of the peaks, then down to a lake, then to town. We all rented e-bikes. If I ever live in a town like this I think I will own an e-bike (I never thought I would say that).
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July 19
Hot laps at the playground with some homies. Checked off a couple of features on my list. I finally did the stupid phantom drop next to the progression drops. I’ve been doing bigger stuff in the park for a few years but something about the slow blind roll up and the fact the entire resort is watching to see who rides off that thing has always sketched me out. There’s actually nothing to it.
https://strava.app.link/bicxr6t9f8View attachment 134770

Will I die there with a 150 travel bike?

Mostly greens and a couple blues probably will be the plan


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Days 19 and 20
Yesterday was likely the easiest paced ride in ages. Closed the garage door and was rolling down the driveway when I realized no camelback. So with the heat and feeling lazy. Just kept the pace dialed down and enjoyed the ride.

Definitely dehydrated following today’s ride. Chugging water this afternoon prior to Martini ? Night with Uncle Jerry.

And following is a pic of my older daughters Pupparoo on a walk in NC


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Day 20
Tommy and I went to Deer Valley DH Park. He's way too fast for me now so I basically rode by myself all day. I spent today riding mostly the top of the mountain. Terrain is very different than the east coast. DRY!!! The double blacks out here are equivalent to east coast black, the blacks are equivalent to east coast blues, etc.....I can't imagine what the green trails were like, flat I assume. The views are so beautiful in every direction.
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July 20.

Up and riding before 7am, which is super early for me, if it is not a Fondo or HoH. I rode for 1 hr, 9 minutes, but only 58 minutes recorded. Four different tracking apps crapped out, so it seems to be a problem with my phone.

It looks like they crapped out when I took the below picture of Budd Lake.