Halter's Cycles Inspired -- (31/31) 2020 Edition .. RIDE 1hr a day, EVERY DAY for the month of July just for the FUN of it


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JIYF20-15: A ride named Sue

Today came very close to not happening, because life.
Shoehorned it in, and WFH’ed until 7:56p. Worked out though because I was sending stuff to the west coast, so in under the wire.

Tomorrow will be another tight one schedulewise, then rain again on Friday.
But one day, one ride at a time yo.


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Day 16: Wake up!



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Team MTBNJ Halter's
Day 16
The Ides of July
Road bike
My Fox bits are coming tomorrow
The 3090 lunch ride

Started out on fire. Turned around only to realize the fire was a tailwind. Fuck you fire. Still managed a 20.1 average.

Does swearing out loud at the wind work? Asking for a friend.

No pictures so I’m gonna put this on here I found on my camera roll. It’s a classic.



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Day 16
Was just having a chill day. Did some shopping. Accepted delivery of a new outdoor rug. Got it set up. Watching some English Premier League soccer. And suddenly realized at dinner time I had not gone riding. So went out real quick on the go to local loop.



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16/31 We’re halfway there! Hit Huber for little after work rip.

I'll be down at our Middletown location on the 30th if you'd be interested in giving me a quick tour of Huber/Hartshorne. Probably have to be on the trail by 6:45 though.


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I'm always down to give tours but I'm not sure if your timing will work with my work schedule. PM me closer to the 30th and maybe we can go over some details.