Halter's Cycles Inspired -- (31/31) 2020 Edition .. RIDE 1hr a day, EVERY DAY for the month of July just for the FUN of it


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Here is the modified 2020 version of the event so many of you have grown to love.

Jay and team are busy supporting the masses of regular and returning to cycling crowd. He is likely taking a year off from sponsoring this event (Unless a lot of interest shown).
I will just copy and paste the usual rules. This event is not officially sponsored by Halters (just inspired by them). Prizes are limited to Bragging Rights and Personal Satisfaction for completing the event. No cash prizes this year.

Post up if you want to participate.

For the 31 days of JULY 2020, you must have a ride time of 1 hour or more for all 31 days of July. Sounds easy right?? Just one hour per day!

Please do your best to post a photo here of each ride or least every other.

Please use Strava or a similar time keeping application to post your daily activity.



  • Outside only. Inside does not count.
  • 1 hour for each given day
  • May be divided into more than one per day (To and from work for example)
  • Chairlift assisted rides do count
  • The goal here is a month-long commitment to cycling with a photo journal of random events from each day
  • You can substitute a Trail Building day for the hour of riding any day... Just run Strava during the TM!

Consider making a donation to JORBA or NICANJ – They can probably use some help during these times



Good luck!


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Team MTBNJ Halter's
Thanks for stepping up to host!

It may be just as well J isn’t sponsoring this year, those gift certificates somehow end up costing me thousands, lol


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in for this! wondering if working from home/pandemic conditions will make this easier or harder!

thanks for hosting!


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I’ll give it a go again this year. If work continues on an every other day rotation it might be easier to get the time in.


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Hell, I'm in. Hopefully I can sneak them in with some commutes but I'd have to extend my route a bit to get to an hour.


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So we will be starting tomorrow. Good luck to anyone that wants to participate. I will use my pre-gaming the July challenge as an example of a potential posting.

June 29:
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Successful roll of a nice "Edith" Double Log feature
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June 30:
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i just posted the tingley segment, but now i see you rode it the other day, nice!

i have plans for another 3-4 miles of trails in those woods (if not more!), so stay tuned!