Halter's Cycles -- (31/31) 2018 Edition .. RIDE 1hr a day, EVERY DAY for the month of July.. Win $100!!


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Here is the 2018 version of the event so many of you have grown to love.

For the 31 days of JULY 2018, you must have a ride time of 1 hour or more for all 31 days of July. Sounds easy right?? Just one hour per day!

Please do your best to post a photo here of each ride or least every other.

Each rider who completes the challenge will be awarded a $100 gift certificate for use on in store purchases. (in stock items unless special arrangements are made)

Please use strava or a similar time keeping application such that you can provide proof of your monthly tally when you come see me in the shop.

(no whining)

-Outside only. Inside does not count.

-1 hr for each given day. (may be divided into more than one per day)(to and from work for example)

-Chairlift assisted rides do count. (For my DH peeps)

-Prizes are limited to the first 50 people who bring in their results STARTING on AUGUST 11th starting at 10:30am EST.


-The goal here is a month-long commitment to cycling with a photo journal of random events from each day

*you can substitute a Trail Building day for the hr of riding any day... Just run strava during the TM! (Cool huh??)

As suggested, the winnings can also be donated to JORBA or NICANJ



Good luck!



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Got a baby coming on 7/25. I'm out.

Good luck to everybody doing this. Go out there and crush it.
If it's your first, could be late, just practice doing figure 8s in the backyard the week before.
Don't have kids on the way, but I plan on being creative for many days like practice skills in the yard or driveway, that counts right? @jdog

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@qclabrat this will be my second. The 25th is the scheduled c-section, although the way my wife is looking, the baby may force his way out earlier.

Maybe I can practice manuals in the hospital garage in the middle of the night.


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Team MTBNJ Halter's
Sadly since indoor rides don’t count I’m never going to be able to complete 31 days. Good luck and have fun people!!