Had an interesting but fun ride...(long)


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I decided to go for a little road ride today since the trails were probably soaked and soft. I did a nice loop that I actually did the first time this past January. I was curious to see how well I've progressed since then. Well I headed out from my apt in Parsippany and rode Green Pond road into West Milford, down rt 23(YUK!!!) and then Kinnelon/Powerville Road back to Parsippany. Here's the funny part. I started out this ride andgot a few miles from my place and the legs felt like garbage. They felt dead. With the All-a-muchy coming up I figured it might be time to just end the ride and rest for that. But I perservered and went on. On the approach to Green Pond there were a couple of hills that I attacked just to see how the legs would respond. The legs felt sluggish but a little better. On Green pond there are 2decent hills, one more gradual and then one pretty steep approaching the golf course. On the first one I hit it hard and went up it pretty well. Legs were feeling better. Rested a little on the flats approaching the next steep hill and FLEW up it. Pushed the big ring and stood most of the hill on my creaky old Lemond. I don't think I've ever had my legs feel so horrible and then completely turn around and feel so energized. The rest of the ride the legs were solid and were very strong. It just made for a nice fun ride. My speed on the flats was a lot higher and climbing was definitely a lot faster. I would have been curious to see what the average speed was if my computer was working... The only issue was some driver that decided to blow his horn just was he was passing me. What gives? Do people just not like to share the road or do they inherently hate roadies??? Anyway it was a fun day. Can't wait for Allamuchy this weekend.

Ryan H.
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