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Hey ladies,

Haven't been logged on for the last couple weeks. I did the MTB clinic in Va. with Betterride a few weeks back and took a couple good spills. Rocks and water just don't mix. The clinic was just okay - didn't appreciate practicing wheelies on pavement. A few people got seriously injured because of that. One gal got a broken elbow and finger practicing front breaking; she did an endo. Another gal got a broken rib from landing on her back on the pavement from practicing uphill wheelies.

Anyway, just checking to see who will be up in Andover next Sunday. I probably won't race but was thinking of going up just to try out the course and maybe lend some support.

I'll check back at the site or you can reach me at 609-647-4482 (cell) or write: tldunham@verizon.net

Take care,


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Too bad about the clinic. That does not sound like very responsible behavior on the part of the folks running the show.
I would love to be at Kittatiny nxt weekend, but I have a wedding...gggrrrhhhh. Obviously, I am not happy about it.

Give a shout if you want to ride at Clayton. You can send me a pm through this site.


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Hi Ruth,

I sent you a PM as well. I could be up for riding Saturday morning at Clayton - an early ride, say 8-10am to start the day right???? Let me know. I'm traveling this weekend so best to send me an email or call. Take care.



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TrayL Girl said:
...One gal got a broken elbow and finger practicing front breaking; she did an endo. Another gal got a broken rib from landing on her back on the pavement from practicing uphill wheelies...

OMG, how many people were in the clinic?! Two people coming away with broken bones doesn't sound like very good stats!! Unless we're talking about hundreds of riders, anyway.

Glad to hear you made it out (relatively) unscathed! :)

NJ Jess

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Hence fewer clinics

It's a big challenge to get insurance for paid instruction camps/clinics. Usually the most riders get are saddle sores and scapes/brusies. Your clinic leaders don't sound as if they assessed their client/riders very well. I will say that at a clinic I attended as a student, one female did break her collar bone. I feel that the trail that was choosen was too different from what she normally rode. Everyone should be asked to name every part of the bike by its proper name (and what it does) before doing wheelies. I hope these girls knew to ride with Camelbaks and helmets when practicing wheelies. Good protection if you practice on grass fields first. so,...

anyone what to come to a beginners clinic at Allaire, Saturday June 24th. ? I will be assisting riders with the basics. Hope to ride with you soon. NJ jess

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There were 8 people in the clinic. One girl just purchased her bike and had limited riding experience. The level of the course was intermediate/advanced-intermediate in some cases. She had no business being in the class if you ask me; she didn't even have her bike set up properly. I have been practicing the skills I learned on grass and without my feet clipped in, i.e. wheelies and track stands. While I can go over a variety of obstacles, I would like to learn how to do it better so this is something I still need to work on, i.e. bunny hops for example and lifting the front wheel better.

Hope all is well with everyone

NJ Jess

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When are we riding?

I'm sorry you missed the clinic at Allaire. It would have reenforced the "good" stuff from your other clinic. I do hope to ride with you soon. This weekend is Stewart buffer zone in Newburgh NY for the H2H race series. The week after is an easy (no obstactles) race at Lewis Morris in Morristown NJ. perhaps we can ride some time during the week. Keep pedalling when you can, smiles, Jess


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Hey Jess,
Just wanted to wish you luck in the race tomorrow! I will be sending lots of good thought you way. Hope you take first, you deserve it!

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