H2H Race #1: Mooch Madness Pre-Ride Info (Group ride Thursday 6PM)


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Phat or over 50? I don't see a Clydesdale class ( where I would probably have the best chance) Right @RobW?

Did they do away with that class? I forgot what race I saw that as an actual class. I'm a stumpy 245 right now naked. It would be nice to have a clydesdale class! Ha


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Ill come ride with you, Luke! I'm not racing, but I'll come ride it after work Thursday. :)


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I'm good for tomorrow afternoon, for both riding and working for Matty on the course:)


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I was going to head over after school Thursday. Not sure how late I'll stay but will text you/Utah
I plan on getting there before 5, because otherwise I'll be stuck in traffic.
So I'm game for a pre ride pre ride if you want to get out early.
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