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Allamuchy Joe

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Just curious, how many gun owners do we have on this forum? DD- and I went shooting with John & Lily from Cycleworks on New Year's Day near Tannersville in PA. Damn cold but also Damn fun!

Perhaps some of us could get together during the winter to go shooting.

Between DD- and me, we have 4 firearms:

1. Springfield Armory XD-40 Pistol
2. Winchester Wildcat .22 Bolt Action
3. Remington 870 12 Gauge
4. Hawkins .50 cal black powder, Youth Model

I think there may be a M1 Garand in my future, too. Still negotiating that with the little lady.
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I have:

My grandfather's WWII Army "Remington Rand" Colt 1911 45ACP
A WWII Parker Hale .22 British training rifle
Remington nylon 66 .22 rifle
Marlin .22 rifle (cant remember the model number)

They all just sit in my gun safe though. Much like skiing, shooting in this state is boring


Taurus PT99 9mm
Dan Wesson .357 Mag.
Beretta .22
12 ga. Mossberg pump
16 ga Fox side by side
.22 Glenfield bolt action
always wanted a Remington 30.06 but I got into biking and the guns collect dust.


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I HAD guns, sold them all

Browning 9mm
S&W nickel plate .38 stub nose
some 30.06, forget which one, think it was a Remington

My dad was a hunter and sport shooter, I just inherited them


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My most interesting gun - Smith Corona M1903A3. Got to love a gun made by a typewriter company.

I really like my .357 mag. The ability to load .38 special rounds gives it some diversity.


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I bought a Crosman Air Rifle when I was 17. Had a scope on it too. ;)

I remember crossing the border into NY to get it. I was a rebel.


Crosman 760? I had one too.....I think every kid had one. That and a Daisy Red Rider bb gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.


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"this is my rifle this is my gun
this one's for fighting this ones for fun"

oh wait wrong thread...

i keep telling the wife im getting one but shes dead set against it with the kids in the house....
maybe if i keep telling her enough...ill wear her down...

or better yet... i give her a choice...
honey im going to buy a shotgun ...
..oh no your not...
then im going to go by a new bike!!!


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I have a few.

1. Browning Auto5
2. 50 cal muzzle loader
3. 270 Remington Mountain rifle
4. Ruger Super Redhawk 44mag pistol



i keep telling the wife im getting one but shes dead set against it with the kids in the house....
maybe if i keep telling her enough...ill wear her down...

I was going to sell my guns last year to buy a new bike and my wife said "no way, not the way this economy is going....we might need them". Sadly I think she was right.:eek:


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I have a ruger mkII NRA

and to celebrate, I had the gun store order me this yesterday after picking up my gun permit which I submitted for on election day. I picked it out on Monday.

Sig 226 Stainless Elite, 9mm or 40, whichever they can get in first.

you can no believe how hard it is right now to buy guns. NOBODY has ANYTHING in stock. I was at cabellas a few weeks ago and in bulk ammo the ENTIRE ISLE was empty. I have had 3 AR-15 lowers on order since election day, I can't get my hands on them.
I read somewhere that this has been the biggest boom sales in guns EVER.


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I used have a house with a big back yard that backed up to woods, and was really into shooting air rifles. I moved and now can't shoot as easily at home. I still have a couple of high end Beemans and a Sheridan pumper stored away.
I am not really a gun nut but have a few pistols (Sig P239 in .357 Sig, Kahr P9 in 9mm, and a S&W airweight .38). Fred, if you ever want to shoot the airweight, let me know. It's the regular alloy gun w/hammer, not the scandium big bucks version.
I've been thinking of picking up a Phazed plasma rifle in 40 watt range also.
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