Group Ride Sunday 7/14 6-Mile


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Summer is in full swing, so let's get out and ride! Come join us this Sunday at 6-Mile from 9am-12pm. This is a beginner friendly park without too much elevation and a lot of easy miles.

We will split up into smaller groups to accommodate different fitness levels, and provide the right pace for you. These rides are a great social event to meet others or catch up with peeps you haven't seen in awhile. Join in the fun.

Please post up if you can make it and or lead a ride.

7/14 Sunday- 6 Mile Group Ride; 9am-12pm .
Park at the canal side.
Bummed that I'm not around. All please enjoy the efforts that the TM gang has put in lately!

Also park in Jacques Lane and take that down to the lot to complete the loop.
Following.. will see if I can get my rear wheel sorted out before Sunday. Good motivation to do so this park fits my advanced beginner riding skills.
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I plan to park at Jacques Lane lot, ride over to canal before 9am to catch up with everyone and than do blue/red to complete the loop. I am not ready to tackle Canal to Rt. 27 and back loop yet.
I might meet you at the Jacques lot, what time do you plan to leave from there to the canal lot?
I rode here last Sunday and lead a couple of friends around… conditions were near perfect. We met in the Canal Road lot at 9:30 and it was full so redirected the group to Jacques Lane.

For those (not many) riding here for the first time be prepared… riding the bike from Jacques<->Canal is pretty seamless for overflow.
I'll take my chances on the trail. If you want to join me I'll be leaving at 8:15 from Jacques
More comfortable riding the road vs the closed red trail. I might park at Griggstown and ride over to Canal lot to avoid the parking situation.
I will meet you in Canal lot before the ride.
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