Group Ride Jungle Saturday 7/24


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Summer is here and the time is right for mtbing at Jungle.

This intermediate ride will visit Jungle Habitat, a park with a lot of rock and technical riding. Be warned that this is not a beginner friendly place to ride.

As usual we will break into smaller groups on a quest to ride some of the best rocky trails in the state.

We will be meeting at 9am.

If you are familiar with the Park and would like to help lead rides, please chime in.

Post up if you can make it.😀

Park here.
Jungle Habitat


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Be warned that this is not a beginner friendly place to ride.


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Eh so want to think I am ready for a technical terrain ride... need to think about this. That being said son's b-ball tourney may knock me out anyway...


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Most likely in and can lead/sweep a slow group if needed! Is parking gonna be an issue?
Since the wood structure is long gone and they extended the parking close to the trailhead, there is a decent amount of parking. Could still fill up if a lot of cars show up.


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Sadly, I’m working. Jungle is in my top 3 places to ride in the area, tho. Never been with a big group….should be awesome.


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It’s actually possible I can make this ride, funny enough how that works out.

What the hell is DVW’s handle again?
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