Group Ride 2/9 Stephens


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Thank you @ReggieHammond for hosting the ride at Stephens, it's always a treat to get a tour from the mayor of Mooch. Also, thanks to @jdgang for keeping us updated as to trail conditions and leading a group as well, you guys always keep it fun. Mrah showed up and was the perfect leader for those who wanted to go a little faster. Finally a shout out to sweepers @sarcaro and @graveyardman67, actually Stef gets 2 shouts, one for sweeping and another for bringing her famous brownies.

These rides are fun, because you show up. The winter can be a tough time to get out and ride given the temps, however the good energy of a group can remove any bad energy associated with winter weather. Thanks everyone for showing up.





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What trail system is this?
Watnong Mountain is in Morris Plains, and it's that mountain you see the water tower and ugly condos on top of when coming down 10 West. There is a Parsippany park called Mountain Way Park in the middle of the mountain, and the southern portion is technically part of Greystone Park/Central Park of Morris County. There's a playground, frisbee golf, pond, and also like 3-4 miles of trails. Certainly not a destination, but for anyone that lives in the area it's not a bad spot to ride your bike to. It's about a 25 minute ride over there on the road for me, so when I only have an hour and a half to two hours to kill and I don't feel like driving to Wildcat, I ride over there from my house.

There is virtually no information online about these trails. Picture the Tourne but with two peaks and singletrack trails going up and down both peaks instead of a shitty gravel road, and that's basically Watnong. It's tight, climby singletrack and it's really fun, there just isn't a lot there.