Group Ride 2/9 Stephens

Great to see a few OOS jerseys stan and ing out in the crowd. Unfortunately I'm sitting in the Mo Town ER with my son, wishing I could have been riding with y'all. Hoping we get him back on track so I can get back out on the trails.
Pm me if you need something I'm actually going in a few hours to have dinner with my sister in law. I don't mind bringing some food or something for you or your family.


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I couldn't do it. It was freeeeeezing this morning!! I'm up for riding tomorrow though!! It will be a little warmer. Gravel? How's Nox these days?


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Closed for the season according to FB

Missed you!
Did you have fun??? Let's do a ride together soon. I was also exhausted cause I was in the city all day yesterday while my sister had surgery. Surgery and the city is so draining so I just couldn't bring myself to get up there to freeze this morning.