Group Ride 2/9 Stephens


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Is there an injured group pace? This might be my last chance to ride outside before s-day but I can’t get hurt and I’m not fast because I need to be extra careful...


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The ride is on.
After hearing a 1st hand scouting report, the trails are not bad, with good drying conditions this afternoon and temps going into the teens tonight things should set up firm by morning.

Our 3 goals are to have fun, don't get hurt and don't damage trails. We will be closely monitoring the situation at all times to ensure our goals are met.

Warm shoes, gloves and Camelbak freeze alerts are on as well, plan accordingly.

See you in the morning:)
Bummed to miss this after the good times at Wildcat, but I need to be home for a hot water tank install. As a consolation prize, I may hit up Ringwood on Sunday morning if it’s cold enough.


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Yes I will be leading the slower pace group. And yes it will be slow
How are you doing this? It's going to be below your temp threshold. It's kind of below mine so you would be the one person who might be able to talk me into this.