Hi folks, new here and figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Jeff (...obviously) and I'm just getting into XC. I've been a BMXer/motorcycle enthusiast my whole life (hung around cycle works every day for years) and, seeing as my friends have all bought nice road bikes and I wanted to keep up, I recently dove head first into the 'geared' bike world and bough a santa cruz bullit. Obviously not the most practical for road rides, but I've found it to be leagues easier than the old Schwinn Powermatic :mad2: Whereas people were saying that there's no way I'd be able to road ride it, it's seemed like a dream to me! Anyhow, if anybody wants to ride in morris/sussex area, I'm always up for it! Otherwise, I suppose I'll be seeing you all around...


Mayor McCheese
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It's haiku!

The girlfriend of Fred
Promises to bake cookies
For Allamuchy


Nice one Norm.

Welcome Jeff. Now go ride that bike on some dirt. :)

I just so happen to have gone to allamuchy yesterday! Was my first time riding those trails, and my first time really going at anything like that on a mtb, not to mention the rain, but I had a great time. Have some pictures, too, maybe I'll post some. Can't wait to go again after work!

love your choice of bikes,...when are we hitting up Diablo? Great to have you on board!
You tell me! I'll bring band-aids.
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